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Gemstone Smart LED Lighting Systems

LED soffit lighting is a fantastic way to enhance any outdoor space!

Gemstone Lights® is the world’s leading LED soffit lighting provider, and we’re proud to be professional installers here at ERH INDUSTRIES.

Gemstone Smart LED Lighting Systems

Intelligent controller and App operated

Smart LED soffit lighting that can be programmed on any mobile device. With the Gemstone app (compatible with both iOS and Android devices), you can switch your lights on and off, set timers, and change colours to your taste in an instant. You can even adjust the brightness of them, so they’re the perfect intensity for you to enjoy. 

Holiday Light Decor

Don’t you hate those ugly holiday lights that hang from the rafters, clashing with your décor and making you cringe every time you see them? Well, say goodbye to those and put away the sketchy ladder, forever.

You can now reprogram Gemstone Lights® to make any color or pattern you want. That’s right—you no longer have to suffer through seasonal colours that clash with your decor. And you don’t even need to be a programmer! It’s super easy. Just plug ‘n’ play.

You’ll always look like the coolest person on the block when your lights match your events, not the other way around.

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Lights for your Patio or Deck

Gemstone Lights® is a series of LED lights that are completely invisible when they’re off, but turn into a showstopper when they’re on. They’re designed to make a bold statement while still being subtle and understated.

The lights are designed to be installed in all the places you love most—like your deck, patio cover, sunroom, or anywhere else on your property that you’re especially proud of. And because they’re LED lights, they consume 70% less energy than traditional lighting—so you can save money and the environment at the same time!

Gemstone Lights® will illuminate your house (or any home or building of your choosing) unlike any other lighting system available. We promise that once you see it in action, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

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