Exterior Improvements

Exterior Improvements

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Fence and Deck Construction

 We specialize in the installation of wood fences, and decks. If you need to match the specifications of the subdivision you live in, or you have a certain style of fence in mind, ERH can help you bring that to life. Maybe your outdoor living space is in dire need of a deck for suntanning or entertaining guests, we will work with you and your budget to make that happen. If you’re looking for field fencing to section off large portions of land, we can tackle that task for you. No idea is crazy, no job is too big or too small for ERH to satisfy your needs. Contact us today!

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Custom Builds

There is no better way to enhance your living environment, than by adding a custom build to your property. Our team can build you a one-of-a-kind conversation piece to wow your family and friends, gather around your new fireplace and have some drinks. We offer custom gates, maybe you just need the holes drilled and you build your own, or we can install posts and gate panels. Want to keep your ranch animals in check, we can help you build a wood pole corral. Need some extra storage for equipment or materials, a new outbuilding can be constructed on your property. Bird lover? we can help you set up some housing for your feathered friends. Something for your kids? we can build you a zip-line, swing set, or entire play structure. Have an idea, not sure what to do, you can turn to ERH Industries and we will make it happen!

Traditional Christmas Lighting

 ERH Industries aims to help serve people in all walks of life, we understand that permanent LED lighting is a big cost. During the holiday season let us be the ones to get up on the ladder, brave the icy roofs and install traditional Christmas lights on your house. Then in the new year, give us a call and we will come and safely remove them for you while you relax in the comfort of your home, uninjured. Maybe you have some lovely trees in your yard and you’d like some lights placed in the branches, with the help of our bucket truck we can reach new heights and make your holiday wishes come true!

Traditional Christmas lighting

Hole Drilling, Screw Piles and Anchoring

Why rent heavy equipment and pay day rates, when all you need is a couple holes drilled for the project you are working on. We can even drill out all your holes for a wood post shop, if that’s all you need from us. Whatever your project may be, save time excavating and ERH can install screw piles for extra support. Something on your property leaning, maybe you have grain bins that you don’t want to blow over in heavy winds, we can also install PISA style anchors to ensure your assets stay in place.

Hole Drilling ERH Industries

Hot-shotting, Heavy lifting

 Is there a delivery you need to complete, but don’t have the means? ERH Industries can safely transport your goods. Our equipment is capable of hauling long, heavy loads, if you have multiple deliveries or just one, we will be there for you. Is there a heavy item? Be it a piece of equipment, landscaping materials, building materials or any object you just need temporarily lifted to make a repair? Our open deck Boom truck is very capable of safely lifting and/or transporting goods for you as well. Have a landscaping idea, but you can’t quite lift your vision into place? Save your back and leave the lifting to ERH!

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