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Striving to bring your vision to life, elevating customer satisfaction by providing a service with the highest levels of integrity and reliability.

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I purchased gemstone lighting from a local distributor last spring. The installation was going to be a challenge due to the high peaks of our home and we also wanted to do lighting on our pergola in the back yard. I met Evan beforehand to discuss my concerns with installation and time frame. Evan was very assuring and confident there would be no problems with either of my concerns. Evan and his crew did a fantastic installation and finished when he said he would. 8 months later we changed our Wi-Fi modem , and due to my own mishandling, I was unable to reconnect to our gemstone lights. I tried calling the local distributor that I purchased from for help but never received a call back. Frustrated I called Evan and within hours I had issues resolved. Evan delivers top notch service and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my circle of friends.
Peter Andreassen, Edmonton, Alberta.
ERH Industries has been providing outstanding service ever since we were recommended to the company from the Strathcona County Moms Community group. We first acquired ERH Industries services for putting up Christmas lights in 2020. Evan made the process simple and stress-free. The house looked so lovely! We had Evan return and take the Christmas lights down in the summer (again a simple and stress-free service) and we also had a sad tree in our yard trimmed. The tree looks the best it ever has been! Evan informed us of another service that he provides – installing Gemstone lighting. It was the best decision ever! The quote was competitive, the quality was great, and the service was fantastic. We LOVE our lights! Thank-you Evan for all the wonderful work you have done for us!
Leslie & Ryan Anderson, Sherwood Park, Alberta.
ERH to the rescue......"we live 200 km+ north of Edmonton so finding a company that caters to specific needs was quite difficult in our area. Finding ERH Industries was a blessing, they provided great service and were willing to travel to our location to assist us on a few separate occasions. ERH was equipped to handle all our projects with their safety-first approach, equipment, tools, and experience. These projects would not have gone so well without ERH ~ installed 22' power pole posts for a lean-too addition off a 40x60 shop, erected a 70' ham-tower for internet service and supported the final installation of the dish receiver, full install of a commercial grade back yard zip line, assisted with the support structure & set up of our outdoor grain bin gazebo (installing 14' 6x6 posts & placement of the top roof)." Thanks ERH, you guys Rock!
Jason Zayezierski, Athabasca, Alberta.

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